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Antenna Services

If your TV picture looks like this then you probably need our antenna specialists to call and have a look. Poor TV reception can be the result of many things but these can only really be diagnosed by a professional with the correct equipment. 

You may have a problem with your cables or need a new antenna, or it may simply be interferance from something else, most problems are quick to diagnose and easy to fix.

Maybe your having signal problems or need a new or replacement antennas. No job is too big or small for WA Electrical and Antennas. Storms can play a big part in reception problems and poor weather may have affected or damaged a previously good antenna, our antenna specialists can sort out these problems and many more.

Maybe you need an additional TV point or you have bought a new TV and it needs tuning in or mounting, these are problems which we at WA Electrical and Antennas can resolve in a small amount of time. So dont let your TV problems get the better of you, call our antenna specialists now. 

Rockingham antennas
So what is digital, and should I change my antenna? 

Your old antenna is often still capable of receiving digital signals, and If you have no issue with your digital reception you don’t need to replace your antenna. Analogue channels 2,7,9,10 and 28 though still named the same are actually now 6,7,8,11 and 12 in the Digital format.


How is digital different? 

Each element on an antenna is measured to half the length of a frequencies wave length. New digital antenna elements are cut/tuned to receive 6,7, 8, 11 and 12 instead of 2, 7, 9, 10 and 28 hence the shape difference with a digital antenna from analogue. If your antenna signal is breaking up a new digital antenna and quad shielded coax cable will help a lot.

So the higher the frequency of a channel the smaller the element length on an antenna. This is why digital antennas look smaller than old analogue antennas. Especially since channel 2 ABC digital has moved from VHF1 Ch2 to VHF 3 Ch12. A digital antennas elements are  tuned to 6-7-8-11 and 12.

Cable shielding. It’s important, Quad-shield coaxial cable is extremely important for your signal reception. If you have old air core or poor quality coax, your digital signals can pixelate due to a high bit error rate. Sometimes your signals can be corrupted by electrical spikes and sparks called impulse interference. 

Thankfully a Quad-shield coax cable can greatly improve the quality of your signal and shield the digital signal from impulse interference and this is an inexpensive and quick job. 

So if your TV is playing up call our antenna specialists today to get you back on track to watching all your favourite shows.