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SAVING money is always on the minds of customers so we asked our electricians to tell you their best tips to help keep the dollars in your pockets.

  • To help them save money, along with energy, turn off the power at the wall. 

  • Replace all fluorescent light bulbs with lower wattage LEDs. LED use one-third of the power of a traditional light energy consumption.

  • Switching tariffs to off peaks could save money when using items such as pool filters and air-conditioners. 

  • Look at star ratings when buying new appliances.When you purchase new appliances check the star ratings - the more stars the better.

  • Behavioural change includes things like changing tariffs and using sensor lights and timers. There are hidden costs in having items run on stand-by power and you need to address how you use your appliances. By turning the TV off with the remote it is still using power and this is one of the biggest hidden costs. mandurah electrician

  • People can actively change the way they save power by installing wireless systems which send out messages to turn off the appliance. Anything with an LCD screen which was left on would be using stand-by power and costing money over time. Every household is different but people could save at least 5-10% by reducing the stand-by power.

  •  Running your dishwasher only when it was full and washing in cold water.

  • Only use the air-con when it's totally necessary.


More information about how your home could be made more efficiant is available here- 

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