All About the lights!

So today was all about the lights! Everyone it seems is getting their houses ready in winter to enjoy in summer and todays customer was no exception.

Whenever people buy a new build home it appears they dont really think about how the lighting will work and look when their furniture is there and they move in. We are invarably called in to add new feature lighting or move lights to highlight a specific area of the room or piece of furniture.

Thats what we were up to today, Hanging dining room lights and kitchen spotlights, and easy and fairly inexpensive job, but one which will add a unique and homely feel to your home. It really is a job worth doing., and can not only make your home feel better but can add value onto your home.

Call us now to discuss changes to your existing lights or new designs, our technicians really have some great ideas and can help you set your room alight!

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