Winter weather prepping

Winter is almost upon us and now is a great time to begin your preparation for the colder months and the wilder weather. We have many calls at this time of year for I-XL's fitting into bathrooms and if you don't already have one of these I would highly recommend. They make your bathroom very warm and remove all that annoying steam and make getting out of the shower or bath much more pleasant in the colder temperatures.

We also have many calls from customers for additional power outlets to accomodate electric blankets, heaters and lamps and its a good idea to start planning how your going to be heating your house this winter. Air conditioning units can be a good idea, but can prove costly. If you haven't tried them, oil filled radiators are a good solution and provide a constant heat at low cost, usually being fitted with a thermostat to ensure minimum energy usage and costs.

You may have had advice from Western Power about cutting back trees so as not to affect power lines during wild weather and if you do have a property close to power lines you should be vigilant during high winds as this could be damaged. The western power emergency number is always handy to have close and if you have any problem you should either call this or a qualified electrician who will be able to advise you or come out to your property and help.

So in conclusion my message at this time of year is to plan and prepare for your heating and lighting and be vigilant with your outdoor areas in high winds.

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